Working together for a better deal on NHS pay in Scotland

After years of your pay being held back by government in the name of austerity, the NHS trade unions decided enough was enough. So, we put in a pay claim in 2017 and the Westminster government responded by agreeing to talk to trade unions.

Those negotiations resulted in a framework agreement for the NHS in England which was consulted on and has been agreed.  The Westminster government committed new money for the deal and that results in more money flowing to the NHS in Scotland. 

The Scottish government agreed that the money should be ring-fenced for NHS staff pay, and we entered into negotiations with Scottish government and NHS employers.  As a result of those negotiations we have come up with a framework agreement to put to you, as members.  The framework includes a three year pay deal and changes to the pay structure to make it better and fairer. Crucially, the Scottish government has committed new money to pay for the deal – not money taken from patient care.

The NHS trade unions are ensuring that members can have their say on these proposals before anything is agreed.


Pay calculator for Scotland

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A breakdown of the key elements of the deal.