NHS pay in Wales and Northern Ireland

This proposed agreement will only apply to England, at least for now. The funding is being provided, as new money, by the Treasury for the NHS in England and does not come out of existing budgets.

The expectation is that, if the proposals are agreed by union members, the funding increase would, through the Barnett formula, flow through to governments in Cymru/Wales and Northern Ireland.

NHS trade unions approached these talks on a UK-wide basis, ensuring trade union representation from Wales and Northern Ireland at every stage. However, devolution of health matters means that discussions on NHS pay would have to happen on a country-by-country basis.

The unions are talking separately to the devolved governments and employers about how they could draw on the agreement for England to put together a package that might work in their own countries. 

The NHS trade unions remain committed to preserving the NHS pay framework across the whole of the UK and this will be an opportunity for unions to push for alignment of pay scales across the four countries and levelling up of pay rates where they have diverged.